Weekly Favourites 01 – Chickpeeps, Beach Days & Cruelty-Free Bloggers

Here are a few of my favourite things for the first week in June 2018! 

The Chickpeeps podcast

Set up by Evanna Lynch (of Luna Lovegood fame), it’s a fantastic podcast all about veganism. Each episode, Lynch and her co-hosts talk to a vegan guest on being vegan or their latest project or activism. It’s great to listen to on a long journey or on a lazy Sunday while you’re still in bed! Also, shoutout to the new Get It & Give It podcast set up by Irish Mountain Child!

weekly favourites innerpeasvegan

Mango curry

I love mango smoothies, mango sorbet and mango on its own, so why not mango curry? I’ve recently gotten over my childish notion that savoury and sweet shouldn’t mix. Savoury and sweet is a match made in HEAVEN. My only tip: add the mango last or it’ll be too soft in the curry!

Superdrug Own Brand Vitamin E Cream (Limited Edition)

I love love LOVE Superdrug, but I especially love the limited edition Vitamin E cream as it smells like dragonfruit, it glides on so easily and it’s very moisturising. Plus it’s super cheap at approx. 4 quid a big pot!

weekly favourites innerpeasvegan

If that wasn’t good enough, 10% of the profits go to the Marie Curie charity. I really hope it becomes a regular in their line as I’d HATE to see it go!

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How To Not Be The Awkward Vegan At A Wedding

I recently came back from my cousin’s wedding in Co. Donegal and, as a vegan, I had a wonderful time. But I think the main reason I enjoyed it is because I made sure to let the bride and groom know that I’m vegan ahead of time. This is important, and I think even the newest of vegans know they can’t just saunter into a wedding expecting to get a nice meal without letting anyone know about their dietary requirements.

vegan wedding

As soon as I RSVP’d to their invitation, I let the groom (my cousin) know that I’m vegan and asked whether it would be possible to get a vegan meal instead of what would definitely be meat/fish. It’s Donegal – a county that eats meat quite heavily – so I knew if I didn’t say anything I’d be LUCKY to even get a vegetarian meal. Always ASK, you have nothing to lose!

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30 Before 30 | My Bucket List

I’ve decided to put together a 30 Before 30 bucket list to give my goals some structure and to have some things to look forward to that aren’t just abstract thoughts floating around my noggin.

30 Before 30

I just turned 25 so I have five more years before I hit the big 3-0. It’s actually incredibly hard to believe that in just five short years I’ll be the same age that I considered old when I was fourteen. Like, thirty is NOT old, past Mary you little brat!

The following list are things I really want to achieve in the next few years. Some of them are simple wants and others are needs that are rooted deep in my heart, things I absolutely must achieve.

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Vegan-Friendly Spa Experience At The V Spa In Co. Donegal

I was fortunate enough to have a spa day at the Villa Rose Hotel’s V Spa this week, courtesy of my lovely mammy, who bought me a package for my birthday. I got the Pick n’ Mix package for €69, which gives the option of choosing two 30 minute treatments (Recovery Facial / Back Massage / Back Scrub / Hand Treatment / Foot Treatment) as well as the use of the Thermal Suite and unwind time in the Relaxation Room.

I thought it was a brilliant deal and I went for the back massage and the recovery facial. When I’ve been to other spas, I usually go for a massage because the products used are just oils and essential oils, whereas oftentimes the facials aren’t vegan-friendly. Thankfully, I messaged V Spa ahead of time and they happily informed me that the products they use are vegan-friendly. I was DELIGHTED as I hadn’t had a facial since before I was vegan.

V Spa vegan

We were supposed to get there fifteen minutes before our appointment, but we were a little late so we arrived at the time we were meant to be in the Thermal Suite. Thankfully, the staff were lovely and we still got the hour in there before our treatments, after we filled out a quick form about any medical conditions we have.

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I’ve Set Up An Informational Website For Irish Vegans

The title says it all!

There’s no clickbait to be found here; I’ve set up a new website for Irish vegans by Irish vegans called Vegan Éire.

It’s an informational resource, so if you’re transitioning to veganism or you’re just curious, or even if you’re already vegan and you haven’t quite gotten into the swing of it yet, this site is for you.

Vegan Éire

There’s something for everyone on the site, including a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions section) and a section on The Vegan Family, which includes advice on vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children. I also keep the News category regularly updated with news that relates to Irish vegans.

If you’d like to get involved more in the Irish vegan community, you can check out Events, where I have lists of upcoming protests, festivals and food & drink events. Or you can check out the Resources tab where I’ve listed all the vegan Facebook groups across the country with links to their pages.

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