On The Pig’s Back Eatery Vegan Burger | Review

First review of the new year, let’s be havin’ ya!

This weekend (19th – 21st January) was the first ever Vegan Foodie Festival. Held in Dublin, it was a really unique initiative. It wasn’t your typical festival layout; usually, vegan festivals are held at a particular venue featuring talks with special guests and a trade hall or food court for people to peruse between talks. Instead, the Vegan Foodie Festival’s was held across the city at many different venues. Its main goal was to link vegans with vegan businesses and businesses that offered vegan meals/products.

on the pigs back vegan

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Here’s To 2018 | A Quest For Happiness

This is it, my last official post of 2017.

I’ve written 60 posts this year (I suppose this one makes a total of 61). Taking the time to count that up really helped me feel like I’ve done something of use in 2017. I’ve written 60 posts. That’s something that I did. It’s an accomplishment, something that might even have helped somebody find their vegan transition a little easier. And that makes me happy. This has been a shitty year, but that makes me happy.

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The Bohemian, Newcastle-upon-Tyne | Restaurant Review

If you’ve read my other recent posts (or if you follow me on Instagram), you’ll know I took a trip to Newcastle in the UK last week. I used the wonderful Happy Cow resource to figure out where all the vegan places were, and on the last night I checked out The Bohemian with my boyfriend and best friend (neither of whom are vegan).

We were only in the city for a few days so I missed out on some other places I wanted to go to, but I’m glad I got to The Bohemian. We’d actually headed to Pizza Express beforehand to try out the new vegan cheese (and we actually got dessert there too), but sure feck it. Holidays mean you can treat yourself! And treat ourselves, we did.

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Pizza Express Vegan Mozzarella | REVIEW

While I was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne last week, I was on a mission to try as many vegan foods as possible. In my search, I came across a Pizza Express and remembered that they had just launched a new vegan mozzarella on their pizzas. Naturally, I had to go!

I ordered a customised pizza (my go-to) with peppers, onions, spinach, jalapenos AND vegan mozzarella. The staff were really helpful picking out everything vegan on the menu as they had a comprehensive list. This included wine! There were four vegan wines on offer (including the cheapest one, thank god!) so I ordered a glass for about £5. Hey, I was on holiday! I should’ve written down the names of the vegan wines but I was too excited, I forgot! 😥 If you ask in the restaurant, they’ll let you know!

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Vegan Secret Santa Gifts For Under €10

Just a few years ago, looking for a vegan gift for under a tenner may have proved an impossible task. Nowadays, however, we have plenty of products to choose from to gift to our significant others (and even the non-vegans in our life).

Here are my gift ideas for under €10:

For the environmentally conscious person in your life (particularly people interested in Zero Waste), you can check out the Little Green Shop. You could spend €3.50 for a stainless steel straw (to help your loved one avoid contributing to the millions of plastic straws that end up in the ocean), and also pick up the straw cleaner for €2.50. You’d still have money left over for a delicious vegan treat like a mini Vego bar (which you can get from Nourish for €2.99).

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