Vegan Beauty for Beginners

When I decided to go vegan, I was very focused on changing my diet and I didn’t see the bigger picture at first. It soon dawned on me, however, that being vegan is more than just what I eat – it’s a lifestyle.

So over the past few days I started tackling my makeup drawers, which were filled with products.Β Unfortunately, as I soon discovered, quite a few were not cruelty-free brands. This was really disheartening but not entirely surprising as it wasn’t something I was concerned with before, I’m ashamed to say.

I checked out a few sites and ordered 100% vegan, cruelty free skincare and beauty products to replace the ones I binned or gave to non-vegan friends. Thankfully, there’s a huge range of choice and I found some really great products.

There are certain every day products that I had to replace, and I still haven’t bought options to replace some of my old ones (money doesn’t grow from the ground! And if it did, I’d probably eat it). However, I’ve acquired a few options that I really like including a primer, an eyebrow grooming kit, eyeshadows, a foundation, eyeliners and lip balms as well as skincare products.

I’m a very pale person and it’s already difficult enough to find a light enough foundation for me, as even the palest option offered by many brands is too dark. Although I thought it would be almost impossible to find a decent vegan option, I found the perfect shade. Go figure!

Take a look at my video if you’d like to see my beauty haul:

Do you have any good vegan beauty recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


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