Venus Williams Joins Dairy-Free Milk Campaign

Got milk? Not unless it’s plant-based!

I’m delighted to see a high-profile campaign featuring Venus Williams and DJ Khaled who are helming an advertisement for Silk, whose catchy new slogan is ‘Do Plants’.

It’s great to see celebrities distance themselves from the dairy advertising industry, and even more so because sports personalities and celebs have so often associated themselves with dairy products over the years. The ‘Got Milk?’ campaign is famous for memorable milk moustaches on beautiful celebrities and I’m so glad to see the dairy-free milk industry dabbling in the campaign world – what better way to get the message ‘We’re here, we’re an alternative to milk’ out there? Word of mouth can only go so far.

According to One Green Planet, dairy-free milks account for 20% of dairy case sales and the industry is expected to reach $14.4 billion by 2021 – just five short years.

These ads are just the beginning. With more and more people going vegan and opening their eyes to cruelty against animals, more celebrities will inevitably join the cause and help lead the way into a better tomorrow. The dairy industry has spent decades convincing people that milk was necessary, that it was the best thing for good health, that children must drink it to be healthy, and I for one am delighted to see this massive, evil empire start to dismantle.


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