Vegan Nutty Chocolate Chew Bars – Recipe

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but these nutty chocolate chew bars are heaven itself. Like if paradise was consolidated in snack form – this is it.

As a huge fan of Snickers bars before I became a vegan, I didn’t think I’d taste them again, and that was okay, but these bars are as close as you’ll get without eating an actual Snickers. I’m currently trying to stop myself gorging the whole lot because they’re incredibly tasty, with melt-in-your-mouth smoothness on the top layer and chewy crunch galore below.

But hey, don’t take it from me! Get baking!


100g bar dark chocolate (at least 70%)

100ml agave nectar

50ml pure maple syrup (keep a little extra on hand)

1 cup of pitted dates

1 cup of peanut butter (you may need more depending on how thick you want it)

Half cup pistachios

Half cup brazil nuts (fun fact – these are actually seeds!)

Half cup walnuts

Half cup sunflower seeds

1 tblspn coconut oil (plus extra for greasing)

Small bag of dark chocolate buttons

vegan nutty chocolate bars


Combine the nuts and seeds with the maple syrup, coconut oil and 90ml of the agave nectar then mould until sticky (add more agave nectar if you need to)

Tear up your dates and place them in a saucepan with a little coconut oil, water and maple syrup. Keep it on a low heat but add more water if it dries up too much.

Drain the dates in a sieve and make sure to save the liquid, which should be brown and sticky.

Pour the dates liquid into the nut mixture and stir. This helps it stick together.

Line a tin approx. 9 inches by 5 inches with coconut oil.

Push the nut mixture into the tin, being careful to reach the edges so the whole floor of the tin is covered. Store in the fridge to harden a little.

Break up your pieces of dark chocolate and melt them.

Once fully melted, pour the chocolate and the cooked dates into a blender with 10ml of agave nectar and blend.

Take the tin out of the fridge and spread a thin layer of peanut butter over the top (or a thick layer, whatever you prefer).

Then pour the chocolate mixture over the peanut butter layer and spread it so that it covers the whole top layer.

Put the tin into the fridge and chill for a few hours.

Once the top layer has hardened (it should feel a little harder than your average cheesecake, so not too tough), you can cut the bars.

Make sure to keep them in the fridge and consume within 3 days.



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