Chef fired for bragging about feeding vegans meat

A chef called Alex Lambert was recently fired after bragging about feeding meat to vegans. And rightly so, in my opinion, as I can’t imagine being so hate-filled that you choose to tamper with someone’s food based on assumptions about their person because they’re vegan.

Lambert, who was terminated from his job at the Littleover Lodge Hotel in the UK, made the comments during an argument with what he called a “militant vegan” on Instagram. According to the Telegraph, he told the woman he was arguing with that “being a vegan is a minority” and that “my personal favourite is feeding vegans animal products and them not knowing”.

you got problems

He insisted his comments were untrue and that he had never tampered with vegan food at the hotel, but I don’t believe him. Chefs and people in general who work with food are in a position of trust, and not just for vegans. What if someone had asked for a vegan dish knowing there would be no dairy in it and then had a reaction because they were lactose intolerant? Would he think it was so funny then? My friend has a son who can’t touch dairy without ballooning up like a red lobster and I shudder to think of any other malicious chefs like Lambert in charge of his food. Would he sneak bacon into a muslim’s dish? Is it just vegans he has this twisted vendetta against?

What’s almost funny is that he claimed that “for the record” he has “nothing against vegans”. Right mate, jog on.

Although I’m glad The Telegraph covered the issue, I’m really disappointed by a quiz that was embedded in the middle of the article. It asks if you currently eat meat and then when I clicked ‘no’ it presented me with a slide that said ‘But it’s good for you!’ Surprised, I clicked ‘no’ again when the question asked if I would eat meat now. In total, there were four slides trying to convince me of reasons why meat is good for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mind blowing. No word at all on the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet and yet they go out of their way to include a quiz designed to convince you that your lifestyle choice is ill-informed.


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