Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail – Vegan Tip #5

Many people who choose a vegan lifestyle who then give up and go back to eating meat often do so because of a lack of dietary information and the environment most of us unfortunately live in. I’d be the first one to say that it’s not easy being vegan when you’re hungry and faced with nothing to eat. And this can happen more times than you’d think.

Before, if you were peckish you could just pop into a shop and pick up a snack or a treat and it would do you until you can get diner somewhere. However, it’s not that easy now. You may find yourself googling on your phone to make sure whatever product you’ve picked up doesn’t have animal derivatives in it, or you might be faced with the horrible realisation that you can’t buy anything but a bottle of water and a bruised looking piece of fruit.


That’s why you must always be prepared. In years to come, there will be much more vegan options in stores and corner shops as it becomes more mainstream, but unfortunately that’s just not the case right now, and you can’t expect to find food you can eat everywhere. I always have a bag of nuts and a bar of some sort in my bag, whether that’s a treat from Naked, or Choices, or Natasha’s or something of my own making.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!


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