Aldi Super 6 Fruit And Veg – Eating Cheap

I see a lot of posts about vegan food being very expensive, and this has been quite prevalent for some time, but I totally disagree with spending a bomb on food regardless of whether or not it’s vegan or not. Vegan food does not have to be expensive, you just have to plan. You have to make sure that the produce you’re buying will be good combinations to make plenty of meals for the week.

Obviously if you splurge on speciality vegan foods or the meat alternatives, things will add up much the same as a regular omnivorous shopping basket. Buy some treats because you’ll likely still have that sweet tooth in the back of your mouth, but don’t go crazy. Unless you have money to burn, in which case go nuts!

Always take a list with you when you go shopping with details of exactly what lentils, vegetables, fruits, breads, etc. you need to fill you up for the week. There are some staples that should be in EVERY vegan kitchen, naturally, but these are likely to last. They’re not something you have to pick up with every shopping trip. Personally, I always have a range of herbs and spices, like smoked paprika, turmeric, parsley and cinnamon in particular. I also always have maple syrup (the real kind, not the flavoured versions), agave nectar, chia seeds, cacao powder, cacao nibs, coconut oil, nuts like pistachios and walnuts, and soy sauce. You can turn even the most bland dish into five star melt-in-your-mouth heaven just by adding a bit of flavour.

Aldi Super 6

Aldi’s Super 6 is a great offer and anyone who is vegan (and those who want delicious, cheap veggies) should check it out. Aldi offers fantastic deals on fruit and veg with new bargains every two weeks. Last week was a real treat, as they were offering loose peppers and lettuce (two staples in my kitchen) as well as four other great products which would bulk out any dinner. This week, they’re offering a bunch of scallions, 500g of cooked beetroot, a rocket leaves punnet, loose sweet potatoes, celery and flat mushrooms for 39 cent each… 39 cent, people!

It’s crazy good value! I really like that it changes every couple of weeks as the combinations on offer can create some really interesting dishes. This week, you could cut up the scallions, celery and beetroot toΒ make a delicious summer soup, or you could grate the beetroot and add to a salad with rocket and diced mushrooms, or you could cut the sweet potatoes into slices and roast them, or make them into chips or spicy wedges, or you could purΓ©e with the scallions and beetroot and stuff the mushrooms before baking. There are plenty of options to choose from and this week doesn’t even offer particularly good choice, so it really shows you can do a lot with very little. Keep an eye out for even better weeks!

These items are available for 39 cent from Thursday July 21st (today) until Wednesday August 3rd and are subject to availability.



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