Keep Avocados From Turning Brown – Vegan Tip #6

I’m the only one who eats avocado in my house, so it can be a real pain in the ass if I fancy making a sandwich. The problem is half of the avocado is more than enough for me to make a tasty spread for my toast, so the other half goes unused and quickly turns brown. I’ve tried plenty of things to try and keep it fresher for longer, but avocados just seem destined for rot when they’re exposed to the air.

Fortunately, I’ve found a way to keep it fresh and tasty! This WORKS so if you’re having bother with avos then make sure to try this out! Basically, when you cut it up, use the piece that does NOT have the pip in it first. This alone helps that half to stay green because the flesh underneath the pip isn’t exposed to oxygen, which is what causes the browning. Place the pip half in a container along with some cut up onion and store it in the fridge. And voila! It’s as simple as that! You’ll have green for days!

I’m not 100% why exactly this method works (I believe the sulfur in the onion acts as a preservative), but it’s a lifesaver. Happy avo eating!


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