Why The Vegan Diet “Failed” In Land Use Study

Mic the Vegan (one of my favourite YouTubers) recently posted a video addressing misleading articles and clickbait titles about how the vegan diet “failed” in the recent US land use study. The study set out to determine how many people different diets can sustain using US land.

Nonsense articles like ‘You shouldn’t be a vegan to save the planet’ and ‘Vegan diet not as good as you think’ were prevalent after the study ranked the vegan diet 5th out of 10 diets. As usual, the media has taken a study and its results and has manipulated it to fit its agenda and, ultimately, to get people to click whatever article they’re pedalling.

None of the articles address the fact that the study was entirely stacked against veganism from the very beginning, as well as a myriad of other factors.

Mic says it best, so check out his video on the issue below:


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