3 Places To Get Vegan Pizza in Dublin

Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, EVERYBODY likes pizza. However, finding vegan pizza for an evening out isn’t always the easiest endeavour.

If you’re really lucky and you find a place that has an accidentally vegan base and sauce, chances are they don’t have vegan cheese or any other meat alternative toppings. Not that this is a huge issue, but it’s nice to have the choice.

Here are 3 places you can get vegan pizza in Dublin, Ireland:


Located at 6 Parliament Street, this little restaurant offers plenty of options for vegans wandering around the city looking for something scrummy, and if you’re searching for pizza, you’re in luck! Aperitivo not only offers vegan cheese on their pizzas, they also offer vegan bacon.

vegan pizza Dublin
Image from Aperitivo’s Facebook page

Not only that, they have no less than FOUR vegan pizza options in house. Yes, you read that right. Four options. Of just pizza. VEGAN pizza. Can I get an hallelujah?

Dublin Pizza Company 

This pizza place on Aungier Street, which has frequently received rave reviews for quality, offers a vegan pizza option as well. It’s called the ‘Vegan Melanza’ and consists of roasted aubergine, cherry vine tomatoes, grilled onions, smoked garlic, toasted pine nuts, rocket and olive oil. Personally, I could do without the nuts on my pizza, but the rest of it sounds great!

vegan pizza dublin
Image from Dublin Pizza Company’s Facebook page

The restaurant also offers two vegetarian pizza options.

Firehouse Pizza

Located in Ballymun and Booterstown, Firehouse Pizza offers a few options for vegan pizza-lovers.

The Mediterranean and The Vegetable Supreme are vegetarian but the good news is that the restaurant offers vegan/ lactose free mozzarella so you can substitute that for dairy cheese. I love it when a pizza comes together.

All the pizzas also have a gluten free pizza base option so even vegan coeliacs (or veliacs!) can enjoy a delicious slice! The restaurant also just won the Best Pizza Takeaway Award at the Just Eat National Takeaway Awards.

Where do you go for vegan pizza in Dublin? Let me know any other vegan-friendly pizza places in the comments below! 


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