Happy Food – Vegan Food in Dublin

I don’t live in Dublin anymore, but I visit the city on a monthly basis to see friends. There are always food options for me to choose from when I come up, but recently there have been even more great vegan places opening up, like Sova Vegan Butchers (which I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, unfortunately) and Happy Food, which is attached to Yoga Hub.

vegan dublin

You can find Happy Food off Camden Street near Caffé Nero and Neon (or, if you don’t fancy wandering around looking for it, just use Google Maps!). It’s not in the most prolific of locations, and it’s a pity as it’s right beside the bustling Camden Street but hidden away behind the shopfronts on the street.

vegan dublin

Besides the location, this little café is lovely. It offers plenty of food choices for the hungry vegan and even non-vegans will be impressed by the quality of the food. When I was there, I ordered Irish Breakfast Tea with soy milk and a Sloppy Joe in a wrap, which had plenty of good stuff in it – spinach, tofu, coconut cheese, organic hemp burger and leafy salad.

vegan dublin

My partner came with me to the café and he had a nice meal of bbq cauliflower wings and chips with a side salad. If you feel like it, you can opt for dessert such as a milkshake or a chickpea blondie or cashew brownie. We were stuffed after our meal so we skipped dessert, but I’d definitely like to give one of their treats a go the next time I’m back!

vegan dublin

The place doesn’t look that big from the outside but it’s quite a decent size inside, with plenty of tables to choose from. The area outside is non-smoking and there’s even a place to keep your bike while you have your meal.

The food was pretty reasonably priced but even if it was a little pricey, at the end of the day you’re getting food that will fill your belly for the day. I know I wouldn’t get that same satiated feeling after a McDonalds meal, that’s for sure!

vegan dublin

Overall, I really liked the food and I’ll definitely be back!


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