Christmas Gift Guide – What To Buy For Vegans

If you’re a vegan, chances are you’re already very aware of the many ways we exploit animals in our society. However, family members of vegans may not be. If you’re looking to buy a Christmas present for your vegan loved one, you need to be careful about the items you choose.

A well meaning family member could get you some skincare products, a purse, a scarf, or sweets for Christmas without thinking about whether or not there’s honey or beeswax in the skincare products, leather (which is cow skin) on the purse, wool in the scarf or sweets containing animal products like dairy and eggs. You have to be careful with many things you may not think about, like alcohol.

It’s important to remember this because if you take the time to get a vegan an ethical gift, believe me they will seriously appreciate it. If you do happen to get something that isn’t vegan, the person you bought it for may not even use it. They might give it to charity or to someone else, and that isn’t what you want, so take some time to Google what’s appropriate for vegans before you buy.

Or you can check out this list of great gifts under thirty quid to give to vegan loved ones!


This beautiful vegan candle is made from soy and inspired by the Grinch, so it’s right on theme! It costs €7.17 to buy and ships from Canada.

vegan xmas gift guide


This beautiful autumnal blush from Eldridge Organics is the perfect gift for the make-up lover in your life. It contains just three ingredients and costs €9.69!

vegan xmas gift guide


These soaps come with a great little gift box and cost €12.55. The detox soap included is ideal for any vegans who struggle with face or body acne.

vegan xmas gift guide

Beard oil 

Long beards seem to be all the rage the past few years, and although we’re about to leave November, many a man in your life may still have bushy facial hair. As many of you know, this month is Movember – where men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness of illnesses that affect men, like prostate and testicular cancer.

This great gift clocks in at €12.11.

Our Detox Soap is ideal for those who struggle with face or body acne and those who need a good skin detoxification. It is made from moisturizing oils + butters blended with activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil. If your skin needs a refresher, this is the most holistic choice for you.


This unique wallet is made out of leaves, believe it or not! Sustainably sourced leaves of the sal tree growing in India, to be exact. There will be no end of compliments for whoever you buy this for!

It’s only €26.61 and ships from the UK!

sustainably sourced leaves of sal tree growing in India

Xmas jumper 

Everyone needs a cosy xmas jumper and this one in particular is entirely badass with the picture of a buffed up reindeer on the front! It’s €30.23 which is technically over thirty quid, but we’ll round down!

vegan xmas gift guide

Alternatively, if the vegan in your life isn’t that materialistic, you can give a donation in their name to an animal sanctuary, like Eden Farm in Co. Meath.

Do you have any more suggestions for vegan xmas gifts? Let me know in the comments!


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