Get Ready For Cork Vegfest 2017 This May

Dublin Vegfest was just a few months ago (check out my VLOG of the day here!) but now you can get your purses ready to spend again at Cork Vegfest on May 13th at 10am at Cork City Hall!

Like the Dublin event, it will be a celebration of vegan food, veggie businesses and vegan culture. You can be guaranteed to find delicious food, cruelty free products, lifestyle talks as well as information stalls, exhibitors and non-profits on the day.

cork vegfest

You also don’t have to be vegan to enjoy Cork Vegfest so if you have any family members who are into healthy eating/environmental activism/cruelty free products or just anyone who is curious, bring them along! So far, guests that have been announced include Fiona Oakes, a vegan ultra-athlete, and Ailis Brosnan, a healthy living coach.

cork vegfest

cork vegfest

Tickets will be officially available for purchase in February (just a couple of days away!) so keep an eye on the Cork Vegfest website. They’re sure to be snapped up soon!


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