5 Delicious Essentials For A Vegan Kitchen

There are lots of amazing foods/spices/seasonings that a vegan has in their kitchen, but if you’re a beginner to the vegan lifestyle then you may not know where to start!

I’ve put together a list of 5 of the most delicious essentials for a vegan kitchen:


If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that mashed avocado on toast with smoked paprika on top is my all-time favourite snack. Aside from being the perfect seasoning to give almost any food a delicious kick, it’s a fantastic flavouring for so many dishes!

vegan essentials

It is especially delicious in curries and pasta sauce, and it makes a fabulous marinade for tofu when mixed with soy sauce. In case you didn’t know, paprika is the main flavouring in a lot of bacon-flavoured snacks like crisps. All the flavour with none of the suffering!

Soy sauce 

I don’t know what I’d do without soy sauce – I use it almost every day! It’s essential for the perfect stir fry and adds extra flavour to soups and things like fried onions, diced courgette and nut roasts. As I mentioned above, it makes a great marinade as well, particularly when mixed with other herbs and spices.

vegan essentials

My potato wedges recipe requires a mix of both paprika, soy sauce and extra virgin olive oil as well as some parsley to get the perfect flavour! I usually buy a low sodium bottle but there are plenty of bottles to choose from at the supermarket.

Frozen fruit 

This is fairly basic, but it’s much more practical (and cheaper!) than buying fresh fruit for things like smoothies. You don’t even need to add ice to the smoothie when the fruit is frozen.

vegan essentials

Although I’ve never seen frozen bananas (by all means, let me know if you discover these for sale!), they would be the holy grail of frozen fruit for instant nice cream any time you want it! Though you can also just go the old fashioned route by chopping your own in bulk and freezing in a glass container.


Turmeric is excellent for reducing inflammation so if you have joint problems or even acne then turmeric is a great thing to add to pretty much anything you make. I buy fresh turmeric from my local market but you can get the already ground bottles from your local shop!

vegan essentials

It’s also wonderful around cold season. If you happen to be under the weather right now and suffering from a nasty flu then make sure to try out my easy turmeric milk recipe!

Tomato passata 

This is the créme de la resistance (is that how you say it?) of a vegan kitchen. Tomato passata is very cheap and it forms the base of most of my curries and chilli bowls. It also just so happens to come in recyclable containers!

vegan essentials

I usually mix it with plain water or some vegetable stock to create my own pasta and curry sauces. Give it a try some time! You can get 500g of passata for as little as 80 cent.

What are your 5 vegan kitchen essentials? Let me know in the comments!


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