3 Of The Best Vegan Chocolates For Valentine’s Day

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost five years now but we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as it tends to be the most expensive day of the year. It’s also incredibly crowded no matter where you go, and we’re not big fans of that. If you’re like us and you just want a quiet day in but you also want to get something sweet for your loved one, read on!

I’ve tried many lovely vegan chocolates since I made the change to an ethical life last year, but there are some clear winners. Not all of these come in the prettiest of boxes, but it’s quality of chocolate over quality of box in my opinion!

Booja Booja boasts some of the most rich, decadent chocolates in the vegan chocolate-verse. They’re usually a little pricey for just a regular day, but Valentine’s Day certainly warrants splashing some cash for some hazelnut beauties! You can get a box for around €8 at the Ethical Superstore!

vegan chocolates valentines day

I was a massive fan of After Eights before I went vegan and I was delighted to discover that Divines has a packet of Mint Thins that are both vegan and, in my opinion, even nicer that After Eights! If your loved one likes minty chocolate, these are gorgeous. Buy them here for €3.30!

vegan chocolates valentines day

My all-time favourite chocolates are these caramel truffles from Choices. It’s an Irish company and a box of 12 is approximately 3-4 quid depending on where you buy them (sometimes you can get them on sale for a real bargain!)

vegan chocolates valentines day

If all else fails, whip up some caramel or melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over strawberries. It’s so simple and sweet (and technically home made!) so you really can’t go wrong!

What are your favourite vegan chocolates? Tell me in the comments!



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