Get Excited For Irish Vegan Festival 2017

If you can’t make it to Cork Veg Fest, you still have another option to choose from! Irish Vegan Festival is also on May 13th in Belfast at the Waterfront Venue (bit of an awkward scheduling problem there, but it’s great for those of us who can’t travel to Cork!).

Last year when I attended Dublin Veg Fest, I’d never heard of any kind of veggie/vegan festival before. I suppose I could attribute that to the fact I’ve only been vegan almost a year, but I do think it’s because veganism is on the rise and these festivals have sprung up to meet demand. The more vegans the better!

irish vegan festival

It’s a Farplace Animal Rescue Charity event and the tickets to get in to Irish Vegan Festival are just Β£2.50, which is a total steal considering the size of the event! Over 3k people have clicked ‘Going’ on the festival’s Facebook events page which is an incredible amount of people, so get buying if you want to secure a ticket!

There’s a huge number of events on the day including cooking demos for cashew cheese and coconut curry, as well as a talk by Vegan Lifestyle Magazine editor Brenda Carey and screenings of vegan documentaries. Check out their website for more information, as there’s plenty of great stuff happening at the event!

Check out Cosmic Colette’s video of last year’s festival:

Are you planning on going? Let me know in the comments! Maybe I’ll see you there!


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