Vegan Friendly Nail And Facial Salon Opens In Dublin

I am very excited about this news! Possibly unreasonably so, but if you saw the state of my nails then you’d understand.

A few months ago I discovered that most nail polishes contain some very nasty ingredients (like formaldehyde!) so even though I had a few vegan friendly bottles, I stopped using them. Since going vegan I’ve been very careful of what I put in and on my body and the idea of having something carcinogenic leeching into my nails freaked me out.

I had a look online and found some great polishes (with beautiful, unique colours!) that were not only vegan but 5-free or 7-free. This means they were free of the 5-7 common nasty ingredients found in mainstream polishes. However, they’re usually quite expensive to order postage-wise.

vegan nails dublin

Needless to say, I didn’t splash the cash. I figured I could live with plain, boring old nails and I have, but sometimes you want to glam up a little or treat yourself after a horrible day. I found out about Skinfull Affairs, the new brand featuring a myriad of vegan options for both nails and face, on Twitter so I searched to find out more about them. They’re just starting off with a flagship store in Dublin 2 and, I have to say, the interior is just divine.

Although their website isn’t up and running just yet, you can get a vague idea of prices from their Facebook page. You can’t go too wrong with facials starting from €25 and manicures from €15 considering it’s almost impossible to find a vegan salon in this country!

vegan nails dublin

I don’t live in Dublin (though hopefully I’ll be moving up in the next few months) but I absolutely plan on visiting this salon the next chance I can to treat myself. I’m so looking forward to the website launch so I can get more information, but for now I’m content to just fantasise about my future beautiful nails!


All pictures taken from the Skinfull Affairs Facebook page. 


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