A Path To Inner Peas | My New Direction

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a bit of a change!

I changed the name from Irish Vegan Life to Inner Peas. I just felt the former was a bit stale and didn’t encompass all the things I want to talk about on this blog. And who doesn’t like a pun, eh?

Since going vegan, I’ve opened my mind to a new way of thinking. I see the world differently, both in good ways and bad, and I’ve become more spiritual than I ever was before. For me, being vegan is a stand against violence and suffering. I truly believe we as humans cannot achieve peace if we take death into our bodies, but looking at the big picture isn’t always the way to achieve peace, particularly when it comes to peace within yourself. Self-care is so important.

This year I promised to put my health first more, both physically and mentally. You may not consider yourself a positive person, or you may be pessimistic, but you don’t have to see the glass half empty. You can condition yourself to think in different ways, to be less cynical and more hopeful, to promote kindness and understanding rather than accepting misery as the norm.

This blog will still predominantly be about veganism and living an ethical life, but I’ll also cover broader topics like mental health and spirituality.

This is my plan for the year and, really, for my life. I want to banish negativity and violence from my life. You don’t have to live in a toxic state of mind. If you’re tired of feeling lethargic and mad at the world, keep an eye on my journey because we’re in this together.


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