Pizza Express Vegan Mozzarella | Review

While I was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne last week, I was on a mission to try as many vegan foods as possible. In my search, I came across a Pizza Express and remembered that they had just launched a new vegan mozzarella on their pizzas. Naturally, I had to go!

I ordered a customised pizza (my go-to) with peppers, onions, spinach, jalapenos AND vegan mozzarella. The staff were really helpful picking out everything vegan on the menu as they had a comprehensive list. This included wine! There were four vegan wines on offer (including the cheapest one, thank god!) so I ordered a glass for about £5. Hey, I was on holiday! I should’ve written down the names of the vegan wines but I was too excited, I forgot! 😥 If you ask in the restaurant, they’ll let you know!

pizza express

My pizza arrived shortly after ordering, which was great, and honestly it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. This is almost 100% because of the vegan mozzarella. I wish I’d asked which brand it was, but it was the best vegan cheese I’ve tasted. Hands down. If you’re looking for a delicious pizza with actual cheesy goodness then Pizza Express is a must-stop!

The cheese melted perfectly (unlike some brands, where it kind of just gets soggy or looks a little smoother like plastic in a microwave) and it just SMELT so authentic. It wasn’t overly smelly or too subtle, it was JUST right. Goldilocks would’ve approved of this cheese. If Goldilocks was vegan. And real.

pizza express

As well as the awesome cheese, I was also able to choose from two desserts on the menu. This was great because obviously Pizza Express is an omni restaurant, and usually there’s only one option (if that). One of the options was a raspberry sorbet with mint, but because I’d had sorbet the day before (mango, from Las Iguanas) I wanted something different so I asked if they could make any of their desserts vegan-friendly.

And they did!

They said they could give me the Snowball Doughballs (dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar) with a chocolate sauce instead of the salted caramel one it usually came with (it had dairy in it so it was a no-go). I was delighted! I don’t usually eat as much dough as that (pizza AND doughballs) but they were delicious so I didn’t care. If you’re in a Pizza Express, make sure to ask if you can get the same! They were yummy and it’s a nice change of pace to the oul’ regulars we get at most omni restaurants!

The moral of the story is that asking pays off 😀 A big thumbs-up for Pizza Express’s new cheese and their very helpful, flexible staff! I’ll definitely be returning.

Have you tried their new cheese? What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “Pizza Express Vegan Mozzarella | Review

  1. Oooh yummy. I am going to Pizza Express next week and I didn’t know what to order. They have taken my favourite salad off the menu. Good to know the vegan cheese is nice and that they have vegan wine (although I usually forget some wine isn’t vegan and order any!!)

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