modern botany review

Modern Botany Multi-Purpose Oil & Deodorant | Review

I was very kindly given a package of goodies last month by the lovely folks at Modern Botany. They sent it to me as thanks for an interview I conducted with the brand’s co-founder, John Murray, on my vegan informational website, Vegan Éire.

I hadn’t expected such a thoughtful gesture so it was a really lovely thing to wake up to, particularly because the packaging is so beautiful. Unwrapping it makes you feel like you’re in for something special.

Inside was Modern Botany’s flagship product, the Multi-Tasking Oil, and the new Deodorant, both of which are 100% natural and unisex. They’re both Cruelty Free International and Vegan certified, which is wonderful.

modern botany review

I tried them for a month before reviewing so I could get familiar with them. When I try something new, I usually give the product at least two weeks before I abandon it (unless I have a reaction) because sometimes it takes a while for my body to get used to new ingredients.

To use the oil, you rub 2-3 drops vigorously between your hands to activate the ingredients, then inhale (I love this bit as I’ve been getting into aromatherapy) and rub it on whichever area you like. I don’t have eczema or psoriasis, but the oil is reportedly brilliant for these conditions.

It’s packed with beauty boosters including flax seed oil for its anti-ageing effects, calendula for its anti-inflammatory purposes, arnica for damaged skin and bruising, and soothing chamomile. It can be used on face, body, hair and nails, and it’s child and pregnancy friendly.

I was most excited to try the oil as I get terribly dry skin on my toes, heels and elbows. They were the first areas I sampled and the change was immediate. My heels in particular looked totally different after a thin layer of oil. After using it religiously for a month, they’re smoother than any heels stuffed into cheap shoes should be!

modern botany review

I also ran it through my hair after showering and worked it into my split ends. I didn’t try it on my face because I’ve been using jojoba oil and it’s been working brilliantly for me. I didn’t want to risk it, but I’ll definitely try in future as it’s meant to be a great primer for makeup because it dries matte.

My results? The oil is fantastic and it truly earns its name as a multi-tasker. Anytime I felt a dry patch of skin I reached for the bottle, and after a month I’ve barely made a dent! There’s a mechanism that only allows small drops out at once which I like because it allows you to easily control how much product you use.

My heels and toes look great and my elbows are much smoother than they were a few weeks ago. I have terrible manners and ALWAYS lean on the table, so my elbow skin often felt very rough! My hair and nails are noticeably shinier and I couldn’t be happier with the oil. The bottle is also made of glass and comes in a cardboard container, so there’s very little plastic involved which is great to see! It costs €35 but once I’m employed full-time again I’ll absolutely be re-stocking this in my vanity.

In this same timeframe, I tried the deodorant. Now, I’ve had fairly bad luck with deodorants. I recently tried a Faith in Nature one and although I usually love their products, their aloe and chamomile deodorant is NOT good. I’ll be honest, after a day wearing it I smell fairly rough. I wouldn’t blame anyone for backing away from me! I’ve also tried making my own deodorant, which I found worked very well, but I’m terribly lazy and always forget to make another batch before I run out.

So Modern Botany’s gift couldn’t have come at a better time! It’s purported to be an anti-perspirant as well as a deodorant, and a cologne to boot! It’s unisex, 100% natural and (most importantly) contains no aluminium.

It’s made of ingredients including witch hazel, sandalwood, coriander, lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile. The coriander smell is the most prominent initially, which I quite like as it’s very invigorating. But its pungency lessens after combining with your natural scent and smells quite woody afterwards. As a cologne, it’s very subtle so if you want to linger in a room long after you’ve left it, this isn’t for you.

modern botany review

This didn’t work that well for me for the first week or so, but I expected that. I don’t quite know why, but anytime I try a new deodorant made with natural ingredients, it takes a while for my body to adjust. I pushed through and stuck with it and I’m glad I did because it works great now. It easily lasts about 9 hours and if I feel I need a top-up I just spray again. You obviously have to shower every day as this won’t stretch until the next day, but it does its job for daytime.

The cylinder cardboard packaging can be recycled and it’s a great way to store the deodorant if you’re travelling on holiday. It’s a great option if you want to support Irish and you’re looking for an aluminium-free deodorant with natural ingredients! It’s €25 from Modern Botany’s website.

They’re both products that feel luxurious and if you use both at the same time you’ll absolutely feel like you’ve walked out of a spa treatment room. They’d make lovely Christmas gifts for the vegan or health conscious loved one in your life!

PS. Free postage in the Republic of Ireland! Woo!


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