Thanks for stumbling onto my blog!

I’m Mary! In April 2016 I became vegan and it’s hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. I set up this blog to chronicle my journey and to help anyone else interested in becoming vegan in Ireland.

My blog was initially called Irish Vegan Life, but I felt it was too vague and forgettable so I changed it to Inner Peas. It was also specifically focused on veganism whereas I’ve increasingly been wanting to talk more about things important to me and will help me to maintainΒ a peaceful life – spirituality, mindfulness, yoga.

I don’t want to leave a negative mark on the world. I want to help people see the wrongness in killing and consuming animals, the subsequent destruction of the planet and the mass deterioration of our health. Humanity can never find peace as long as we inviteΒ death into our bodies.

I recently started a YouTube channel to document my vegan journey so if you’re also eating ethically or you’re interested in the lifestyle then check it out!

If you want to contact me, email me on irishveganlifeblog@gmail.com or follow my social media accounts!

Tweet me @innerpeasvegan or find me on Instagram atΒ innerpeasvegan.