VLOG: Irish Vegan Festival & Exploring Belfast Charity Shops

Last weekend was Irish Vegan Festival so two friends and I bussed it up to Belfast, excited and hungry for some vegan yummies. Needless to say, we tried some delicious vegan food, but also some not so delicious food, but that’s to be expected. A vegan convention can seem like heaven, but you’re not going to like EVERYTHING!

I uploaded my vlog to my YouTube channel so you can see some of the beautifully presented food and awesome products on offer at the fest, but I’ll just do a brief recap here too!

We hurried and arrived at the Waterfront where the fest was held at 11.40am, buirish vegan festival t it’s better late than never, right? Unfortunately the bus times were against us – we got on at 9.3am and the journey takes about 2 hours. It didn’t make much of a difference as there was plenty to see and eat, but it took us a while to get our bearings and figure out how to get there.

Once we arrived we made a beeline for a hot food stall – Sgaia. I’m so glad we went here because their Eg and Bacon Brioche Burger was EPIC! I’d eat it EVERY day if I had the chance (so it’s probably a good thing it’s not widely available). Plus they had a great ticket system for serving people so we didn’t have to queue for an hour before getting our food (I’m reminded of tirish vegan festival he Moodley Manor stall at Veg Fest last year – we were in that queue so long the food was cold by the time we got it!)

We also tried a pastry that I initially thought was an eclair (no cream inside unfortunately!) that was pretty good, and we gave The Crazy Rabbit ice cream a try too. I picked tahini swirl, my friend Katie chose passion fruit and her boyfriend Jamie picked coffee. The coffee one was great but the passion fruit one was a little flavourless, whereas the tahini swirl just tasted TOO MUCH like tahini. For something that’s called ‘swirl’, it was just too strong a taste. However, it’s an Irish company and they just started up, so I’d definitely give their stuff a go again in the future! irish vegan festival

Katie and I gave a chilli sauce a go that almost burnt our tongues off and we tried some strawberry almond milk (though it wasn’t my cup of tea). We also picked up some very cute t-shirts (I picked one with the slogan ‘Eat Cake, Not Steak’ and Katie chose ‘Eat Jam, Not Ham’) for about £20 each, which is pretty steep, but we loved the design so much we ignored the protestations of our purses!

There was a VR experience at one of the stalls but Jamie gave it a go and it turned his stomach so Katie and I decided to give it a miss. We already know the horrors that animals face at the abattoir and have no desire to see it in action. It’s too devastating. However, this kind of thing would be excellent for opening the minds of some curious omnivores.

irish vegan festival

The Waterfront space was a really good size as you could walk about among the crowd without feeling suffocated and there were plenty of areas where you could just sit and chill, including a kids corner. There were lots of bins (though it would’ve been nice to see a recycling system) and a good area just outside the stalls area where you can get a cuppa tea or a beer.

After the convention, we went exploring to check out a few charity shops. All three of us love a bargain and we could happily spend a long time in a charity store. We all managed to pick up a few steals – including a corduroy skirt for Katie, pyjamas for Jamie and a cardigan and shirt for me. Buying from charity shops and second hand stores is more environmentally friendly so checking them out before going to a mainstream store is a good rule of thumb!

Overall I had a great time and I would go to the festival again so props to the organisers for all the hard work! I hope that Farplace Animal Rescue made plenty of cash to help the FIV+ cats they take care of!


Vegan 1 Year Today | My Veganniversary

Today is a big day for me – it’s my veganniversary!

I can’t even recognise the person I used to be. I’ve not only lost 2 stone in weight, gotten my cholesterol back to a normal level and my skin has cleared up, I’ve also become a more positive and compassionate person. I care more about the earth, the animals and my health than I ever have before and I feel like I’m currently the best version of myself. Going vegan was the best thing I ever did!

I put up a video on my YouTube channel talking about all the changes that I’ve made and how I’ve grown as a person since I went vegan. Give it a watch below:

When is your veganniversary? Let me know in the comments!

April Vegan Haul | VIDEO

The month has only just started and I’ve already picked up a few vegan goodies in town! I promise I don’t shop as much as it seems, but I just got paid so I got a few treats for myself.

Check out my video on my new revamped YouTube channel and see what I got for myself!

Seed and Bean Vegan Chocolate Taste Testing

I was recently sent five flavours of vegan chocolate from Seed and Bean to try out;
the flavours I received were Cornish Sea Salt, Aromatic Fennel, Sicilian Hazelnut, Sweet Orange and Thyme as well as 80% Ecuador dark chocolate. As a huge chocolate lover, I was really excited to give them a go!

The company is a great one to support as they’re o100% organic and the foil they use in the wrapper is a NatureFlex film which is fully compostable! All of the Seed and Bean products are ethically sourced and the chocolates themselves are handmade in England.

seed and bean vegan chocolate

The delicious chocolate bars are created using cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and the Sao Tome Islands of West Africa.

I’ve just posted a video where I try out all the different flavours to my YouTube channel so check it out if you’re interested!

I had never seen the chocolate bars in stores before so if you want to find out where to buy them, check out the list of stockists here.

VIDEO: Vegan Bargains Mini-Haul

I’m not exactly flush with cash right now, but I did pick up a few mega bargains in the post-Christmas sales lately, including some of my favourite confectionary and some essentials like toiletries!

I have to say that although I liked the Green People toothpaste, at €4 a pop it just isn’t worth it at all, and the tube is about the size of a child’s toothpaste tube so, yeah, won’t be buying it again.

I’m trying not to buy non-essentials at the moment as I want to live less wastefully this year. I feel like I’m doing my part for the animals, and the earth to an extent, but there’s still plenty I could be doing for the environment that I’m not doing now so that’s one of my goals for 2017: living as mindfully and ethically as possible.

Check out the great bargains I picked up in my video below: 


Did you pick up any awesome vegan bargains this month? Let me know in the comments!