The 5 Foods Suitable For Vegans On A Ryanair Flight

I recently came back from a trip to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The food over there was great (THANK YOU, but the options on the flight over left a lot to be desired. For the record, I took a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Newcastle (and I didn’t have time to eat breakfast as we nearly missed our flight, it was a whole thing!) so I would have liked to eat something yummy on the plane. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much on offer.

I looked through the catalogue of food options to see what was suitable. Everything was very helpfully labelled with ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Kosher’ or ‘Halal’ etc., so the allergy list was a great addition to the catalogue. It would just have been nice to have a few more vegan options, but hopefully these will improve in time. There were some things on offer that would be easy changes; for example, there was a tomato cup-a-soup that had milk in it, the ratatouille had egg AND dairy, when it would easy to have neither, and even the plain salted Boxer Chip crisps had dairy in them.

Anyway, here are the 5 things you can eat on a Ryanair flight if you’re a vegan:

Tic Tacs

Okay, I know calling Tic Tacs “food” is really pushing it, but I didn’t have a lot to work with here. Even if your tummy rumbles away for the rest of your flight, as least you’ll have fresh breath, right?

KP Salted Peanuts

This obviously isn’t an option for anybody who is allergic to nuts (and, really, nuts shouldn’t be allowed on planes as the particles from the nuts enter the air, which can be dangerous for someone who is severely allergic) but it’s another option for somebody who wants something salty.

Pringles Original

There are quite a few flavours of Pringles suitable for vegans and it’s easy to see which ones are vegan because they’re clearly labelled. This is a really quick fix if you’re craving something salty on your flight!

vegan ryanair


I can’t stand olives so this is a no-go for me, but if you like them then you’ll be delighted. These would be great with Pringles and a can of lemonade or something!


Fries are a saving grace for vegans the world over. The vast majority of the time they’re vegan friendly (unless they’re cooked in animal fat), and the ones on Ryanair are no different. They’re vegetarian friendly and there’s no egg or dairy in them, so at least we have the holy grail vegan food available in the air!

vegan ryanair


Dr Coy’s Mint Nutritional Bar (?)

There is a little bit of a question mark over this one as it doesn’t say on the bar or the website that it’s suitable for vegetarians. The ingredients are vegan-friendly and it seems absolutely fine, but as it’s not certified I can’t definitively say it’s fine to eat. For strict vegans, this would be a problem, but it’s up to you!

EDIT: The Dr Coy’s bar is NOT vegan as the galactose used to sweeten the bar is derived from dairy. Shoutout to Chocaletey Clare for letting me know! 

And that’s it! The ratatouille on-board is vegetarian friendly but there’s both egg and dairy in it, so it is off the menu for us vegans. Sometimes it’s nice to have something hot on board, and it would be nice to have a more nutritious meal than chips, but in a pinch they’ll have to do!

Have I missed anything? Is there an airline you know of that caters to vegans well? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


Dr Dünner Phytovitality Immune Support Capsules | REVIEW

A few months ago, I started looking for a good supplement to give me a boost during the winter months. I know everyone hates being sick, but I REALLY hate being sick. Thankfully, I haven’t been ill with cold or flu for at least a year (touch wood) and that was mainly because I’d just left my job and was VERY stressed out and run-down.

I don’t get the flu shot as I think that our bodies are totally capable of fighting off illness on their own. As long as we prioritise our health and make sure we go into flu season with an equipped body, we can fight off any cold that threatens to derail our health. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, upping your vitamin C intake and taking a vitamin D supplement to help vit C absorption are all part of making sure your body is prepared for winter. Another way you can do this is through a supplement.

Enter, Dr Dünner!

The family-run company was founded in 1948 by Dr Helene Dünner and remains passionate about the restorative effects of plants and medicinal herbs. This is called Phytovitality. Dr Dünner has been harnessing the powerful properties of plants for four generations and handpicks its organic herbs from the unspoilt UNESCO biosphere at Entlebuch in Switzerland.

From what I can tell, they seem to be an excellent, ethical company that supports local farmers. Their orchards support endangered bird life, 100% of their electricity is renewable (obtained from local hydroelectric plants) and they also strive to achieve carbon neutrality. Definitely a company I can get behind!

dr dunner review

I was sent Dr Dünner’s Phytovitality Turmeric, Pepper and Green Tea capsules with Vitamin C and, honestly, they couldn’t have come at a better time. There were a few choices to pick from, but I chose the immune support capsules as they were exactly what I’d been looking for, and as a massive fan of turmeric (I put it on EVERYTHING), it seemed ideal for me. They’re also vegan, gluten free and non-GMO. Win!

Curcuma (turmeric) is revered as India’s ‘sacred plant’ and it is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. If you don’t already use turmeric in your cooking, consider adding it during the winter months especially. Dr Dünner’s turmeric is sourced from the best quality producers in Ayurvedic cultivation areas, and because the capsule blends turmeric with pepper it improves the absorption and increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients.

The capsules also contain Green Tea, a renowned antioxidant, as well as Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. They can be taken every day, but it’s not necessary to do so. When you order a packet, you’re sent 60 capsules, which is a two month supply, but if you take one every two days then you can stretch that to three months. That pretty much covers the winter months.

They capsules themselves look quite large in the packet, but when you take them out of the foil casing they’re actually fine. I started a skin and nails supplement last year but I had to stop it because the capsules were far too large. In terms of size, they’re just shorter than a 20 cent coin.

I took the capsules for a month and I will absolutely be buying them again after I finish them in a month’s time. I usually get sick around Halloween, it’s like clockwork, and I didn’t get sick this year. Not even a sniffle. The only difference in my routine from last year is that I started taking this supplement. Coincidence? Possibly, but I don’t think so. The capsules are packed full of goodness that is specifically designed to support a healthy immune system, and I think its done its job. I definitely felt like I had more clarity, I wasn’t as stiff in the mornings and overall I just felt a bit… boosted!

The pack costs £25.99, which isn’t cheap, but at the end of the day, if it prevents you from getting a nasty cold, in my opinion it is totally worth it. Especially when you factor in the costs of Lemsip and lozenges and days off work. Plus, you have to remember it’s a 2 month supply, which works out at £13 per month. For the quality of the product, I think this is a fair price.

If you’re looking for a supplement to support you through the winter months, you should definitely consider these. I’ve tried quite a few supplements in my time and these are one of the best; they don’t upset my tummy, there’s no nasty aftertaste and they’ve kept me healthy throughout cold Irish days (and hopefully they’ll continue to support me throughout the freezing winter). I wish the size of the capsule was a little smaller, but ultimately it’s not a problem. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

Have you tried any Dr Dünner products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Best Roll-On/ Non-Aerosol Deodorants For Vegans | VIDEO

I’ve been vegan for nearly two years now and I’ve tried out a lot of deodorants in that time. I don’t use aerosol sprays on my underarms (or in general) because there’s breast cancer in my family and I think roll-ons are a much healthier option! Plus you’re not coughing up a storm in a cloud of chemicals. Always a win!

Check out my video for my thoughts on the best roll-on deodorants for vegans:

What do you use to keep B.O. at bay? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Vegan & Eco Friendly Things I Want For Xmas

My favourite time of year is right around the corner yet again (it feels like yesterday when I was chowing down on a Jamie Oliver cranberry and nut roast!) and I have a wishlist of stuff I want this year.

Not all of it will be possible (because some of the things I want are EXPENSIVE and my family and friends don’t have money to burn), but hopefully I can get a few things off this list. If not, I’ll save up and treat myself to them later in the year!

Beetroot Lip/ Cheek Tint

When it comes to embracing my face and my skin, I’ve come a long way. I went from caking myself in foundation every day to going bare faced most days and lightly covered on special occasions and when I’m feeling fancy.

vegan xmas wishlist

For the past year, I’ve been a fan of the “less is more” philosophy. I no longer feel the need to constantly cover any tiny imperfection and worry needlessly about my acne scars. I prioritise taking care of my skin and try to choose makeup that isn’t harsh on my skin.

vegan xmas wishlist


The Ere Perez Beetroot lip and cheek stain is high on my wishlist as it has very few ingredients (including both carrot and beetroot) and it’s a 2-in-1 product as well. I hate having to re-apply lipstick (as I’m ALWAYS eating or drinking so it never lasts) and a stain would solve that problem for me.

Price: £14.50 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’ve wanted one of these for ages. Reported benefits of himalayan salt lamps include improved sleep and increased levels of serotonin in the brain. They are also said to calm allergy or asthma symptoms.

While this may or may not be true (I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe the benefits, as well as people who do), at the VERY LEAST, it’s pretty and the dim, orange light is calming to look at.

vegan xmas wishlist

As someone who suffers from insomnia when I have a bad bout of anxiety, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Price: €25 from The Natural Way (or £14.95 from Amazon

Motherfóclóir by Darach O’Seaghdha

I’ve been wanting to brush up on my Irish for years now, but the courses are usually quite expensive (which, in my opinion, is a disgrace; free Irish classes should be a right in every county).

vegan xmas wishlist

However, I recently found one running for 5 weeks in Rathmullan, and the best part is it’s being funded by the ETB so I only have to pay €2 each week to heat the building the classes are held in. Score!

I came across Motherfoclóir on Twitter and it sounded both hilarious and educational, so it went right to the top of my wishlist. Motherfoclóir (foclóir means ‘dictionary’ in Irish and is pronounced very like a crude English epithet) is a book based on the popular Twitter account @theirishfor (go follow it for daily craic!)

As the title suggests, Motherfoclóir takes a pun-friendly and modern approach to the Irish language. If you’re at all interested in expanding on your cúpla focal, stick it on your own wishlist!

Price: €9.74 from Easons

Metal Straws

Ever since I learnt more about the damage of plastic on our seas (particularly from the documentary A Plastic Ocean, which I watched recently with my family), I’ve wanted to make changes to how I use plastic every day. This means buying less reusable plastic and getting takeaway drinks in my own reusable cup (I use this one from Pukka) rather than a disposable cup.

vegan xmas wishlist

I love going to the cinema and one of the main things I’ve started to notice is that I buy my drink (one of the only times I have soda is at the cinema) and I immediately grab a straw. I want to be able to sit down with my drink and use my own metal, reusable straw, so this is high on my wishlist. It’s small changes like this that make all the difference.

There are 1 BILLION disposable plastic straws used daily. Don’t be part of that number! They’re quite cheap to buy and they’re totally reusable (and you can get compostable bamboo ones for even cheaper!)

Price: £4.99 from Eco Strawz

Sharon Sharon’s Sacred Earth

Not only is Sharon Shannon an inspiring Irish musician, she’s also passionate about animal rights. If you haven’t heard, she has her own vegan food truck called ‘Garden of Vegan’, which attends music festivals and corporate events around Ireland. I have yet to encounter it, but here’s hoping it’ll happen this year!

vegan xmas wishlist

Her most recent album, Sacred Earth, which combines Irish traditional music with African influences, is in shops now. I always forget to pick it up but I expect to find it sitting under the tree for me (wrapped up in non-glitter, eco friendly paper of course!) on Christmas morning!

Price: €14 from Golden Discs

Insane in the Rain coat

I first heard about this brand from Green Leafy Gael, who has one of the coats herself. She talked about them on her Instagram and I was intrigued, as they’re made out of recycled plastic bottles.

vegan xmas wishlist

Around the time I heard about Insane in the Rain, I was researching the damage that plastic does to the earth, and as a result I upped my recycling game. I had already brought a recycling bin to the office and I put one in my bathroom as well, as it’s all too easy to pop everything into one bin in the bathroom. Having a second one eliminates that problem!

There’s no excuse not to recycle, it isn’t hard and it’s a big way to help the planet from our own homes.

Price: £95 (eek!)

What do you want for Christmas this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Essential Vegan Products for Winter | VIDEO

If you know me, you’ll know I absolutely adore winter time. Whether it’s the sweaters, the promise of possible snow (even though there never is), the clove and cinnamon smells in shops and the delicious food, I am ALL OVER winter. It is the hummus of seasons.

I figured I’d try and give my YouTube channel a jolt of life again by uploading (after 6 months… yikes!) a video on my essential vegan products for winter.

Unfortunately, my computer is out to get me and editing videos takes WAY longer than it should, so I’ve decided to take a new approach: I’m just going to sit in front of the camera and talk and I’ll try to be as coherent and on-topic as possible! I was really demotivated from filming content because the editing process was just so daunting, so I’ve just decided to go with this. Hopefully the format is okay and not too rage-inducing! 🙂

In the video, I recommend some products for mindfulness and to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as well as for dry skin and lips. Other things I didn’t mention in the video (I ran out of space and had to cut it; apparently videos longer than 15 minutes are a no-no if you’re a small YouTuber!) include a decent pair of winter boots and a nice coat.

nae pineapple leather

I have a pair of boots made from pineapple leather from and they’re brilliant. Nothing is getting through those bad boys! I have quite a few second hand coats and coats that I bought a few years ago, but I’m really lusting after one from Insane in the Rain, which makes raincoats out of plastic bottles. Unfortunately the price is a bit steep (£95), so it might have to go on the Santy list for now. I’m also lusting after a coat from Hoodlamb, but these coats are so far from what I can afford that my reflection laughs at me any time I look in the mirror and imagine it on me. €389. Not. A. Chance.

Another product I’d recommend is a supplement to support your immune system. These are the months where people most often get sick, so you need to take care of yourself properly.

This means drinking more water, taking a vitamin D supplement to combat lethargy, eating lots of vitamin C heavy foods like bell peppers and oranges, and also trying to stay active, even if it’s a bit of yoga in the morning. Make sure to eat a balanced diet as well and give yourself the best chance for staying well and happy during winter!