All vegans, both beginners and veterans, need a little help when it comes to finding vegan-friendly places, communicating with like-minded people and researching facts and figures on veganism.

There are a few things I’d personally recommend if you want to find out more about the ethical/ health/ environmental benefits of going vegan and staying vegan:

Essential viewing: 

Both of the following videos are long, but they’re worth it. The first is by Dr Michael Gregor and explains how a plant based diet can prevent and treat some of the world’s most common diseases.

The second is a lecture by Bite Size Vegan on how Ireland is no different to other countries in terms of animal cruelty in animal agriculture. It debunks the “grass-fed, free-range, humane agriculture so it’s okay” myth that is perpetuated in countries like Ireland.

Books/ websites: 

How Not To Die by Dr Michael Gregor, which is run by Dr Michael Gregor (you can order a FREE Vegan Starter kit here)

The China Study by  Dr T. Colin Campbell and Dr Thomas M Campbell


essential vegan viewing

Cowspiracy explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and investigates the policies and inactivity of environmental organisations on the issue.

essential vegan viewing

Earthlings covers everything from pet stores to animal agriculture and shows footage obtained through use of hidden cameras to show the every day practices of some of the biggest industries in the world that rely on animals. It draws parallels between racism and sexism.

essential vegan viewing

Forks Over Knives provides an easy-to-digest overview of the 20 year China Study that led to the findings in the book, The China Study. The documentary shows that many diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer can be prevented and treated by a plant based diet.

Note: Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives are currently available to watch on Irish Netflix, as are What the Health and Food Inc.