Use Sauerkraut As Pulled Pork Substitute – Vegan Tip #4

If you’ve already gathered for a barbecue with your friends and family this summer, you may have noticed a particular gaping absence – pulled pork. Before I was vegan, I for one would’ve eaten pulled pork for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could have as it was one of my all time favourite foods.

If you’re looking to recreate that taste and texture and the mess of eating it in a big sloppy joe burger – look no further! Sauerkraut is your best friend as it almost exactly mimics the texture of pulled pork. You may not have tried it before, or you might have just dabbled with it on salads, but get familiar with this pot of goodness because it’s not only versatile, but also very good for you.

Sauerkraut is very good at sticking togetherΒ so it’s easy to mould into burger shapes. If you have some trouble, however, justΒ pour a little agave nectar into a bowl ofΒ sauerkraut with vegan barbecue sauce and mix before moulding. You’ll end up with sweet, succulent bbq bites that are perfect sandwiched between two fresh baps!