The Vegan Society Launches New Nutrition App

Veganuary has just ended and it was very successful, judging by the fact that Nature & Moi cheese completely sold out in my local Tesco! It’s wonderful to see so many people trying veganism, but it’s important to remind anyone transitioning to keep on top of their health.

A well-planned vegan diet leads to healthy, happy people at any age. However, if you’re transitioning and you’re just winging it, you may find yourself lacking in a few key nutrients, namely B12 and omega 3 DHA.

Well, The Vegan Society has your back!

They’ve just released a new app called VNutrition, which will help beginners (and even veteran vegans) keep on track of their health and make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need.

vegan society vnutrition

The app was developed by The Vegan Society’s in-house dietitian, Heather, who specialises in vegan nutrition. Fun fact: She is the only registered dietitian employed by a vegan organisation in the UK!

Speaking about the app, she said, “The Vegan Society is striving to provide high quality and accessible information about nutrition, and I’m delighted to have been involved in developing VNutrition.

Our alliance with the British Dietetic Association shows just how committed we are to providing reliable education about vegan nutrition and sharing the message that well-planned vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages.

“The app is based on UK guidelines about healthy eating and the best available evidence around vegan nutrition, and we hope it will help a large number of vegans and the vegan-curious.”

The app features handy hints and colourful illustrations that bring to life the basic principles of vegan nutrition, helping users to learn about portion sizes, getting their 5-a-day, hitting their targets for protein, calcium and omega-3 fat, and ensuring appropriate supplementation.

A simple checklist enables users to assess their nutritional intake, and a progress graph and personalised tips help them to identify areas for improvement.

It can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple store now.


DiFontaine’s Pizza In Dublin To Launch Vegan Pizza

Yes, you read that right, and yes it is the best news either of us has heard all year!

difontaines vegan pizza
Picture from Trip Advisor

Before I went vegan, I LOVED DiFontaine’s pizza. It was the perfect slice of salty, greasy goodness after a night of heavy drinking in The Czech Inn. I love my new vegan life (and I wouldn’t touch dairy cheese with a barge pole now), but I’m absolutely delighted to hear that a restaurant I used to love is getting with the vegan program!

It’s always so disheartening to walk past restaurants and cafés that used to be favourite haunts in the past, so when one of those businesses decides to cater for their lost vegan customers it’s a time to rejoice!

difontaines vegan pizza

I heard about this news from the Veg Huns Instagram account (@veghuns). Make sure to give them a follow if you’re an Irish vegan – they always have great news and plenty of fabulous pictures of gorgeous vegan food!

Venus Williams Joins Dairy-Free Milk Campaign

Got milk? Not unless it’s plant-based!

I’m delighted to see a high-profile campaign featuring Venus Williams and DJ Khaled who are helming an advertisement for Silk, whose catchy new slogan is ‘Do Plants’.

It’s great to see celebrities distance themselves from the dairy advertising industry, and even more so because sports personalities and celebs have so often associated themselves with dairy products over the years. The ‘Got Milk?’ campaign is famous for memorable milk moustaches on beautiful celebrities and I’m so glad to see the dairy-free milk industry dabbling in the campaign world – what better way to get the message ‘We’re here, we’re an alternative to milk’ out there? Word of mouth can only go so far.

According to One Green Planet, dairy-free milks account for 20% of dairy case sales and the industry is expected to reach $14.4 billion by 2021 – just five short years.

These ads are just the beginning. With more and more people going vegan and opening their eyes to cruelty against animals, more celebrities will inevitably join the cause and help lead the way into a better tomorrow. The dairy industry has spent decades convincing people that milk was necessary, that it was the best thing for good health, that children must drink it to be healthy, and I for one am delighted to see this massive, evil empire start to dismantle.