Provide 50 Days Of Clean Water With Loresk

I love the oak tree in my parent’s garden, it’s been there for almost 3 decades and it grows stronger every year, despite rain and lightning and that time I almost drove my brother’s quad bike up its trunk! Any time I see oak leaves I think of home.

I am so lucky to live where I do, but others have homes far away from me and they aren’t so lucky. Some don’t have even half of the things I have, let alone basic essentials, like water. Water is the great equaliser – rich or poor, good or bad, we all need it to survive. It’s a human right and so many people struggle to obtain it. Some people need to walk 6km per day to collect clean water. Can you imagine? Something we take so for granted is an every day struggle to people in other countries.

The bad news is that this won’t change quickly, but the good news is that you can help! Loresk is a company I discovered a few weeks back; its mission is to spread awareness and to raise money for people who desperately need clean water.

For every product on Loresk’s online shop sold, a portion of the price is donated to The Greater Cincinnati Foundation who send water purification packets to areas in need. This provides 50 days of clean water.

According to their website, the packets contain “a powdered mixture that removes pathogenic microorganisms and suspended matter, making previously contaminated water clean”. All their products are cruelty free, so you’d be helping humans and animals alike! As if that wasn’t good enough, the company is also an ally of the we are allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

I bought this agate bracelet from them at a cost of €13.73, which isn’t a lot when you take into consideration what that money will mean to a family in need. All the beads are black except the blue one which represents the clean water being provided by the purchase. It just arrived yesterday with a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase and explaining what it meant, as well as a free hat. I’m not a hat girl, but I’ll sure be wearing this one! I was having a really terrible day and receiving this just reminded me how blessed I am and to be so grateful for what I have.


Taste Testing Eat Real’s New Organic Range

I’ve been a big Eat Real fan ever since I first tried their Chilli & Lemon flavour Lentil Chips. I’d never seen crisps made out of lentils before – or anything other than potatoes, really – and once I tried them I was absolutely hooked. After that, I kept an eye out for the brand and spotted other lentil flavours and their hummus crisps as well. All delicious!

A representative of Eat Real recently got in touch with me and sent on information about the new organic range Eat Real just launched. I requested a few samples to try them myself and I was delighted to receive six sample packets; two each of Veggie Straws, Hummus and Lentil crisps. I thought this was really generous seeing as they’re 100g each!

The first one I tried was the veggie straws and I polished off the packet myself during a Netflix binge. Seeing as they’re low in sugar, salt and saturated fat, I’ll let myself off the hook there! All of the crisps were ‘Sea Salt’ flavour, and although they were all super yummy, I think the veggie straws or the lentil ones are my favourite. Probably the lentil ones at a toss up!

Eat Real Organic

The range is gluten free and vegan (a combination that’s quite hard to find even these days!) and made of organic hummus, lentils and vegetables! They contain significantly less fat than traditional crisps (hummus crisps 40% less, lentil and veggie crisps 30%) and are certified by the Soil Association.

It’s hard to believe that the Eat Real brand was only launched 3 years ago! I suppose it’s because I first tried their products when I went vegan and I feel like I’ve been vegan much longer than a year and a bit! What this new range represents is that healthy food with good-for-you ingredients is becoming more readily available. And that’s a great thing!

Veggie Straws

Does anyone remember those salt and vinegar stick crisps? They came in a red packet? I can’t remember the name of them but I used to love that they came in stick form! Not sure why, it’s just a shape, but it heightened my eating experience for some reason!

Eat Real Organic

These Veggie Straws are exactly as they sound – they’re green, orange and yellow so they remind you of eating something healthier – and they’re hollow inside like straws! They’re just the right amount of salted – not so much that it rubs off onto your fingers – but just enough to satisfy that savoury craving.

Rating: 4/5

Lentil Crisps 

On first inspection, these crisps look like a holier version than the popular crisps, Snax. And by holier filled with some bubbly holes – they’re not Catholic crisps! Some of them are curlier than others but they’re just as yummy.

Eat Real Organic

I like imperfectly shaped crisps anyway, and that goes for most foods too, as it gives the impression that they’re not all spat out of some machine into cookie cutter shapes on a conveyor belt. Yack! These are very light on the tummy and super yummy – my favourites!

Rating: 5/5

Hummus Crisps 

These were the last ones that I tried (even though I’d be the first person jumping on the hummus bowl if I was at a party!) These are shaped like slightly curved discs and they’re very thin. If anybody tried to steal them on you I bet you could do some damage with the edges alone!

Eat Real Organic

Again, these are really nice but I think they’re even nicer because they’re the lowest in calorie of the lot – 466 calories for the whole bag! Not bad for a binging night, eh?

Rating: 3.5/5

If you’re a crisp fiend like I am, definitely give them a go, particularly because they’re certified organic, better for you than regular crisps and they’re tasty to boot.

Each bag is about £2.19 which is around €2.50 and they’re available from most health stores.

There Is No Planet B | Happy Earth Day

Happy earth day, all!

All over the world, people celebrated the earth. They held demonstrations, created art, raised awareness of dire and preventable issues facing the earth and immersed themselves in nature. It’s a pity we don’t all do this more often!

There is such stunning beauty around us, whether it’s in a park, a garden, at the top of a mountain, on a hiking trail or at the beach – wherever you find beauty – but it can be so easy to forget that the earth is wounded. Human activity is hurting and killing it, and I’m not just talking about the devastating effects of animal agriculture; there are mountains of trash on and underneath our oceans, our forests are being chopped down at shocking rates, our air is being polluted, and we’re buying and using so much that is being chucked into landfill without a second thought for how long it will take for the earth to break it down. There are over 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean, which weighs an estimated 270k tonnes. That number is hard to even imagine but this estimate could likely be even higher.

earth day

By hurting the earth, we’re hurting ourselves. Like all animals, it’s natural for humans to be immersed in nature. We find peace there, and particularly now in the age we’re living in, with our eyes constantly fixed on the unnatural light of screens, sitting inside most of the day, breathing in air doused with perfumes and air fresheners and smoke, drinking water tainted with chemicals and chlorine byproducts, and filling ourselves with corpses and processed foods. It’s no wonder as people we’re all so ill and our world is bearing the brunt of this too.

earth day

But we can’t just sit around worrying and stressing over the damage being done to the world, we have a duty to do something. One major thing you can do is recycle properly and encourage others to do the same; you could set up a recycling bin at work (I just set one up in my office two weeks ago and people have been really good at making an effort!), buy glass over plastic, purchase as many unpackaged things as possible (fruit and veg are always easy options here) and when you do buy packaged products, recycle them!

earth day

Besides this, get involved with environmental groups and educate your friends and family on the damage being done to the earth and what easy changes they can make to prevent it. If you’re a girl, think about buying a moon cup or reusable period pads instead of using disposable ones. According to, sanitary pads and baby’s diapers can take 500 years to biodegrade. That’s insane!

earth day

Earth Day is a good way to think about our daily habits more, our actions and how they affect the people around us and the earth we stand on. I’m not saying people have to become environmentalists overnight, but we can take this opportunity to make changes. We can try harder, even if it’s just one thing, even if you decide to recycle for the first time or if you ditch your sanitary products and buy something reusable; every little helps. All we have to do is care. Remember: Reduce, reuse, recycle!

What did you do for Earth Day? Let me know in the comments!

April Vegan Haul | VIDEO

The month has only just started and I’ve already picked up a few vegan goodies in town! I promise I don’t shop as much as it seems, but I just got paid so I got a few treats for myself.

Check out my video on my new revamped YouTube channel and see what I got for myself!

A Few Of My Favourite Vegan Things | A Weekend In Dublin

I don’t live in Dublin so I always indulge and treat myself whenever I get the chance to visit! By now there are several places that I always go to to treat myself. Frankly, my purse is screaming but my tummy is happy happy happy!

I met a friend who was more than happy to walk around with me and check out all the different shops I wanted to go to. A lot of the time I just go in and look but if there’s something I really want, I’ll splurge. I went to Lush just to have a peek at the new stuff and ended up buying an old favourite (Angels on Bare Skin) and some Dirty tooth tabs.

To be fair, I just ran out of my banana scented Pure Chimp cleanser so technically I need it! AoBS was about €9 so it’s not as bad as some of the cleansers I’ve bought (and it’s actually much cheaper than Pure Chimp while retaining the high quality so I think it’s good value).

vegan dublin

The tooth tabs were €6.75 and to be honest they’re just a novelty item as I already have a tube of toothpaste at home. I bought the tabs years ago when they had different packaging (a much more convenient match box style), but now they have many different flavours and there’s even mouthwash tabs as well. They smell fabulous (some have a minty clove scent) but they’re way too expensive to justify (almost €9 and they only last a month apparently if you use daily).

I also went to Nourish to get my favourite Vego bar. I only picked up the smaller one (€2.99) rather than the big one as I planned on buying a few other brands to try as well. I got iChoc White Vanilla and iChoc Choco Cookie to try out. I haven’t had white chocolate in SO long so tasting this was like heaven. I love it! At first bite I thought I could take or leave the Choco Cookie, but after eating more of it, I really like it. At about 3 quid a pop, I think I’ll only go for one at a time, but they’re both great.

I also picked up Almighty Foods’ Golden Blonde raw cacao bar. I first got it in The Vegan Kind and loved it because of its creaminess. It’s not quite as nice as I remembered but it’s still a delightful little treat with a cuppa tea! After I had my chocolate stash sorted for the next few weeks, I stopped by The Body Shop to buy lightning drops. I’d seen them online and, although they’re really expensive (€17 for a small bottle… yeesh!), it’s worth it. I’ve never had a foundation that’s light enough for my skin, but now I can just mix my own! Awesome!

Also, a lot of stuff in The Body Shop isn’t suitable for vegans, but if you’re unsure of a product just ask at the desk; they should have a list of their vegan products.

Although I’ve been trying to wear less makeup these days (I plan on going into detail on this in a future post), I’m happy that I now have a suitable foundation colour. I have yet to try it, but stay tuned for a proper review of it coming soon!

And now for the food! Oh, the food.

I picked up a chocolate hazelnut doughnut from The Rolling Donut and had it with a cup of tea after I got up (dough for breakfast – I know, it’s desperate!) and it was gorgeous. The shop has about 5 vegan flavours available every day and you can get one with a hot beverage for under a fiver. A lovely wee treat!

I also stopped by Cornucopia for a hearty healthy meal. Dublin is full of take-out places and if you’re after some hot food your options are usually limited to McDonalds, Supermacs or some other big brand garbage. Cornucopia creates meals that are full of goodness (but at a pretty steep price!). I got a tofu and butternut squash parcel with puréed peas and two salads (pasta and cucumber) as well as a green juice drink for close to €20. Sure, it’s filling, but you couldn’t pay that every day unless you were growing cash in your garden!

I also stopped by Fallon & Byrne and saw the most amazing plump beef tomatoes (they’re not actually made of or have anything to do with beef… weird name!) and I also saw coconuts ready for piercing. I’ve never seen them in shops before and I’ve also never tried coconut water straight from the coconut so I kind of regret not buying one, but good to know where they are.

vegan dublin

The sun was out in full force and I was really craving some chocolate ice cream. Unfortunately, the ice cream place at the back of St Stephen’s Green Centre doesn’t do vegan chocolate ice cream anymore. I was so disappointed! But it worked out for the best because I got some gorgeous raspberry sorbet from Murphy’s Ice Cream instead. Plus I was told by a staff member that they’re hoping to get chocolate sorbet back in soon (WOO!)

vegan dublin

My last day in Dublin was my favourite, as I got to go to Umi Falafel and pick up a delicious wrap filled with falafel, red onion, tahini, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce and tomato. I sat by the quays and watched the seagulls as I ate it and it was so relaxing. It was just what I needed before the long journey home!

Oh and Lotus Biscoff biscuits were also provided in my hotel room beside the tea tray which was just brilliant! I never expect vegan friendly biscuits in hotels so more of this please, universe!

It was such a great weekend. I can’t wait to live there again full time, though to be fair I’ll probably be the size of a house after all the doughnuts and falafel I’ll be eating!